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Established in 2006, Nutwood Therapies is a practice combining Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy to provide specialist care.

At Nutwood Therapies our aim is to provide specialist expert care.  We go one step further to ensure the best possible assessment and treatment to get down to the cause of the problem and make a plan together to get you better.  We pride ourselves on offering a personalised service, tailoring treatments to what suits you in terms of time, commitment, and need.  We don’t dictate a plan that won’t suit you and you can’t maintain.

Why choose Nutwood Therapies

If you want a practice where you see the same therapist, who gives you hands on treatment then we are for you. We won’t just give you a sheet of exercises to complete and send you away for weeks unless that’s what you want.

Your appointment will start with a thorough assessment taking all the history and understanding the journey you’ve been on up to this point.  We can look through any investigations and consultations you’ve had before so please bring anything relevant with you.  We will explain in simple understandable language what’s gone on before if you feel you aren’t quite clear on what it all means.

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At Nutwood Therapies, our friendly team is made up of experienced physiotherapists and therapists.

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We are pleased to be able to offer an exceptional range of physio and occupational therapy services.

Specialist Hand Therapy

Here at Nutwood Therapies, we offer specialist hand therapy and rehab which includes acupuncture.